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Equipment Proficiencies

The fun part of digital marketing is that, sometimes, you get to play with some pretty cool equipment. I've managed to get my hands of lots of different kinds, too. Take a look!

Equipment Proficiencies: Services


  • DLSR Video cameras (I like the Canon Vixia series, personally)

  • Nikon digital cameras and lenses

  • MeVo live streaming camera

  • Lavalier wireless microphones

  • Shotgun and boom microphones

  • GoPros

Support Equipment

  • iPads for video capture/editing on the fly

  • Apple desktops for video post-production

  • Microsoft desktops for video post-production

  • Handheld gimbles

  • Portable lighting kits

  • Setup/tear-down for step-and-repeats and portable green screens

Equipment Proficiencies: List


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Equipment Proficiencies: Contact
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